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Safety Inspections

We offer a free safety inspection and evaluation of your current bleachers along with the cost of our optional enhancements. This will help you decide how much you want to do depending on your organization's financial plan. Under current BOCA International Code and NFPA (National Fire Protection Association Code), it is required that bleachers be inspected at least biennially by a professional engineer or qualified service company. We will be glad to provide this service to your organization. Our Territory includes the States of Oregon, Nevada, and California from Santa Barbara north.



You can be assured that American eagle will perform the highest level of repair to bring your bleacher back to an optimal level of performance. When you receive your estimate we will supply you with a list of over 200 past customers along with letters of reference. Please feel free to call on as many of our references as you wish.



After your bleachers are renovated we will offer a service policy which consists of yearly or biennial service (depending on use). This can be done for a minimal cost and should eliminate service calls for your district personnel.







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