The Full Power System

Step back and let the Full Power system do the work for you, all at the press of a button. After opening or closing your bleachers, take the push button control with you. The Pendent Control gives you the authority over who opens and closes your bleacher system and allows for safe viewing during the bleacher's operation.

The Full Power System fits most current and outdated bleacher systems. Each job is quoted with your bleacher system in mind. Your organization provides the electricity and we supply the rest.

 Why do you need the Full Power System?

  • Ability to open and close bleacher system quickly and correctly
  • Omits and/or reduces maintenance costs
  • Solves the problem of broken board ends from manual operation
  • Adds stability to the gym bleachers by attaching all sections together to operate as one system
  • Omits manual operation by unauthorized personnel
  • Reduces liability exposure on your gym bleacher equipment

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